Monday, August 19, 2013

Serials kill me.

I've been learning something about myself recently (though, by recently, I'm pretty sure I mean the past year and a half): I really don't like suspense/guessing.  Surprises are cool; since I don't know they're coming, there's nothing to guess about.  But I really don't like trying to guess what other people are thinking or waiting to see what's going to happen next.  If there's one thing I don't like, it's waiting.  People tell me all the time how patient I am, but I just can't see it, because I HATE waiting.

Anyway, I bring this up because I've spent my 4 empty hours at work (Anyone remember when I was so stressed about not having big enough chunks of time to lesson plan?  Not a problem anymore... too bad I don't really need it anymore) reading up on an experiment that was taking place this Spring.  Basically, these two friends decided to try and get past their extremely opposite dating issues by agreeing to date each other for 40 days.  I started reading it thinking that they had already posted everything, that they had actually been posting daily and I'm just really late to the game.  As it turns out, I'm only slightly late to the game.  They've been posting weekly since the beginning of the summer.

This is incredibly irritating to me.  Usually, I plan to start something I think I'll really like after it's all finished.  For example, while all of you were out watching LOST every week, making sure nothing interfered with that sacred hour of your life, I was at handbell practice (work, as I got older).  Then, that night that you all got upset over the ending, I started on episode one and powered my way through them over the course of three weeks.  Overall, I don't really think it's a healthy habit.  I get addicted to whatever I'm doing, to the point that it affects my dreams.  I once even had trouble remembering which was real and which wasn't.  At least I have that as a cut-off line: Now, if I start dreaming about what I'm doing, I know it's time to pull back.

Anyway, the point of that rather disturbing paragraph is that I'm rather annoyed that I have to wait a couple more weeks to get the end of this encounter.

Have I mentioned that I don't like waiting for things?  Or guessing what's going on?

Yeah.  Serial TV shows were not made for me (or they were... depending on how you look at it).

P.S. 69 Days.

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