Sunday, February 3, 2013

It starts early.

I'd like to say several things about this video:

1. This is cutest cover of this song I've ever seen.

2. The twin that starts on screen left has excellent rhythm, and I think he has a promising career in dance or drumming. The right twin looks like he could be the next Aaron Carter. (Alex, you will not want to click on that, as it is an example of Aaron singing/"dancing", and you won't like it. Everyone else, it probably won't affect you as severely as it would her.)

3. (This is the main point) I think this is a perfect example of the general Korean mentality. Whereas American children would be running around, spinning in circles, occasionally doing a non-committal horsey dance, these boys have studied Psy's music video and are working on perfecting HIS dance. As far as studying/perfecting goes, these boys have the potential to be prodigies. But turn off the visual for them, and I'd be very surprised if they (okay, maybe more the dancer/drummer than Aaron) would move at all. Now, on the flip side, tell an American child that he/she had to copy Psy's dance, and you'd get some that tried, but a lot of them would probably cry. Interesting to see how culture affects us, even this young, isn't it?

What are your opinions on this subject? I'd love to get a good discussion going.


  1. I.... want to scoop them up and hug them forever! They're adorable! And that was insane. Seriously... prodigies!