Friday, February 22, 2013

Vietnam: Mekong Delta

While in Vietnam, I mostly hung out with Danielle and her expat friends, but we arranged for me to take a couple of tours and do some things on my own while she was at work.  After my first tour, I was a little nervous for what I would see in the Mekong Delta, but, based on Danielle's instructions ("Make sure you bring me back some coconut candy!"), I felt confident that it wasn't going to be more war remnants.  I'm happy to report, I was very right!  This trip was much more relaxed, my only concern being my poor balance and my proximity to the Mekong River.  It isn't really the best thing for you to touch, so I was a bit worried about getting another parasite.  (The one I got in Nicaragua was quite enough for my, thank you very much.) I had a better time than I was expecting to, and I was really surprised to find how much I liked the coconut candy, so I think we can chalk this one up to a fun day.

On the Mekong.  I was super nervous the whole time, because I was at the very front of our low-sitting boat.  Every time I moved, the whole thing moved.

Looking out over the Mekong

A young woman wrapping the individual coconut candy pieces

We got to taste honey, fresh from the comb

Lunch was an adventure!  I must have looked nervous or something, because my waitress just went ahead and cut up my fish for me.  I get uncomfortable when my food looks at me while I eat it.

The last stop on our trip was to a pagoda with three giant Buddhas: The Buddha of the Furture and the Buddha of the Present, then the Buddha of the Past.

So, there you have it: a MUCH more mild day of touring in Vietnam.  Like I said before, I mostly just hung out with Danielle and her friends, so there wasn't much that seemed like a picture sort of occasion.  Therefore, this is the end of the Vietnam portion of my blog updates, but I did more than enough photo-taking in Indonesia to make up for it.  No worries. :)

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