Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lent: 1,300-1,400g

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Blessing #26 - Memories
Isn't it funny how our minds retain things?  We don't realize certain things are important when they're happening, but somehow our brains do, and they capture them.

Like the first time I saw Kyle.  (It's his birthday, by the way.)

The first time I saw him was in The Hub.  He didn't see me.  No, he was surrounded by his friends, saying his goodbyes.  He had clearly just had brain surgery.  I had known something major was going on, because his friends had asked me to pray.  I just didn't have any idea how major it was at the time, so I just leaned against a wall and watched him.  I watched him smile and laugh.  I watched that scar bob back and forth as he'd throw his head back in a laugh or shake around as he vehemently disagreed with someone.  The whole time, I managed to avoid putting it together; I stayed on the idea that he had had brain surgery and never moved to the obvious WHY.

Brain cancer was, of course, the reason.

But he is better now, as I've told you before.  He is at Home.

But I'm grateful for the memories that my brain managed to etch into itself, even when I didn't realize they needed to be memories.  G-d is so amazing how he made our brains to do so many things independently of our cognizant control.

What is it that you remember, but didn't realize you would want to at the time?

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