Friday, March 2, 2012

March Prayers

March 2012 Prayer Calendar
“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”— Isaiah 43:19, NIV

Thursday 1
This month, please pray that all the children we serve will discover the freedom to dream — and that God will use Compassion to help move their dreams from imagination to reality.

Friday 2
Please pray for our Leadership Development Program (LDP) leaders in Asia as they make significant organizational adjustments for the Asia region.

Saturday 3
Pray for the health of our LDP students in Ecuador, some of whom are dealing with back pain, arthritis, and kidney and urinary tract infections.

Sunday 4
Pray for André in Brazil, whose brother died in a car accident. André survived the crash and was in intensive care for 53 days. He is home now but needs physical and neurological therapy.

Monday 5
Pray for 14-year-old Beatrice in Rwanda, who suffers from psychological problems. Pray for God’s intervention in her mental and emotional health.

Tuesday 6
Pray for Christi and her family in eastern India. Christi’s father recently passed away.

Wednesday 7
Praise and thank God with us that between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011, 163,527 children and mothers in Compassion’s programs invited Jesus to be their Savior!

Thursday 8
Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with CompassionThe workers of Ebenezer Child Development Center in Ghana are praising God for the peace and harmony that exists among them. Pray that God will continue to help them, and all Compassion workers around the globe, to truly be one in spirit.

Friday 9
Pray for the health of Marcela in Colombia, who has been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia secondary to chronic blood loss.

Saturday 10
Please continue to pray for God’s protection of our children in Tanzania, whose families sustained serious losses from the heavy rainfall late last year.

Sunday 11
Pray for our Philippine field staffers who are ill: Nonoy, Pons, David, and the mother of Keith; and for the recovery of Pastor Pabalate from a recent stroke.

Monday 12
Pray for 12-year-old Manuel and 14-year-old Juan, brothers in Peru, whose father died in a recent automobile accident.

Tuesday 13
Pray that during the coming year, the Holy Spirit will move many thousands of Compassion-assisted children and caregivers to trust Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Wednesday 14
Pray for preparations for the opening of five Child Survival Programs (CSPs) on Sumba Island, Indonesia, in April 2012. These will be the first CSPs on one of the region’s poorest islands.

Thursday 15
Pray for our LDP students in the Dominican Republic and worldwide to make wise college and career choices and that God will guide them in their studies and leadership training.

Friday 16
Praise the Lord for 50 new LDP students in Colombia!

Saturday 17
Pray for families in the area of Mindanao, Philippines, whose children have died or are missing after the devastation caused by Typhoon Washi.

Sunday 18
Pray for God’s comfort of the families and sponsors of four children in India who recently died: Delipkumar (injured while playing); Vignesh (drowned while helping a small child); Ajith (hit by a tractor); and Sagar

Monday 19
Pray for 15-year-old Console in Rwanda, whose mother has stage-four ovarian cancer. Console is the only one left to take care of her mother.

Tuesday 20
Pray for Compassion-assisted child Yusnelis in Colombia, who suffers from lupus.

Wednesday 21
Pray for the Lord’s protection and care of our children in Tamako, eastern Indonesia, as the region continues to recover from recent severe flooding.

Thursday 22
Pray for children in Bolivia who have been abandoned by their parents. May our loving God meet their needs and enable us to help relieve the suffering.

Friday 23
Please pray for Compassion Sunday on April 22 — that thousands of churches will participate and that tens of thousands of children in need will receive loving, faithful sponsorship.

Saturday 24
Pray for the youth in our centers worldwide as they prepare to graduate the Child Sponsorship Program and face the challenges of young adulthood.

Sunday 25
Pray for sponsored child Vignesh in India, whose father passed away in January. Vignesh had already lost his mother; he is now under the care of his grandmother.

Monday 26
Strong winds recently damaged or destroyed homes of nine sponsored children in Indonesia. Pray for our children and their families and for Compassion staff who are providing relief and support.

Tuesday 27
Pray for 15-year-old Edgar and his family in Peru. Edgar’s brother recently died from tuberculosis.

Wednesday 28
Pray for David and Caleb in eastern India, who are both suffering from malaria.

Thursday 29
Pray for the families in the area of Veracruz, Mexico, whose homes were damaged or destroyed by recent heavy rains.

Friday 30
Pray for good health and long life for Madam Oyaremo, a caregiver in Ghana who is 80-plus years old and the only relative to care for her grandchild.

Saturday 31
Praise God that during the past fiscal year, more than 50,000 babies and their caregivers received lifesaving assistance through the Child Survival Program. Pray that, by God’s grace, more and more programs will be established worldwide.

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