Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lent: It's not always like this.

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Blessing #8 - Being Alive

I'm not always happy to be alive.  Some days (okay, many days), I'm just so tired that I wonder if I'd feel better not alive.  Some days, I'm miserable.  Some days, I just don't think about it, but today I did.

Today, I took time to revel in the miracle that is human life.

Stop and take a deep breath.  Think about everything that breath does.  Now let it out.  All you did was breathe, but you were about to move all your blood around, make important electrical connections, and even contribute to the life cycle of all the plants around you.

And that's just breathing.  What kind of miracles happen to allow you to think?  It's phenomenal, and I'm grateful to take part in it.

What "every day thing" in your life is actually a big deal?  Are you grateful for it?

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