Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lent: May the force be with you!

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Blessing #11 - Harrison Ford
Believe it or not, I'm not kidding.

Today, I watched a movie that had caught my attention in theaters a while ago (last summer, I think).  The previews looked great: Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, guns, Nevada, explosions... the aliens I was a bit sketchy on (let's face it, they really messed up the last movie they appeared in with Harrison Ford), but I was gung-ho about it, that is, until I saw the title.  I mean, really, who names a movie "Cowboys & Aliens"?  I promised myself right there that I would not be spending any money on that movie.  And I haven't.  It was a borrowed movie that I watched on a whim today.

Nonetheless, I am still thankful for Harrison Ford.  I can distinctly remember every one of his movies that I've seen, who I saw them with, what I thought about them (the movies and the people), why we were watching them, and about how old I was when I saw them.  That's saying something right there.

Harrison Ford has carved out time-markers in my life and made seemingly ordinary days/events incredibly special.  It may be laughable, but I'd count that as a blessing.  :)

What do you consider a blessing that others may think is a joke?

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