Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Prayers

February 2012 Prayer Calendar

Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him? (James 2:5, NIV)

Wednesday 1
Please pray for all the children Compassion serves, that the darkness of poverty will flee as the light of hope shines more and more brightly in their lives.

Thursday 2
Pray for the Compassion-assisted children and families whose homes were recently damaged by landslides in Antonia Santos, Colombia.

Friday 3
Pray for our staff in Togo as they register children in regions where idolatry predominates. Pray that parents will allow their children to be registered.

Saturday 4
Pray for healing for 13-year-old John in Haiti, who suffers from Pott’s disease — a spinal illness that could paralyze him for the rest of his life.

Sunday 5
Pray for our adolescent Compassion-assisted girls in Burkina Faso, who face many social pressures. Some are getting pregnant and others are becoming disinterested in the helpful programs offered by their Compassion centers.

Monday 6
Pray for 14-year-old Danitza in Peru, whose home was destroyed by fire. As Compassion helps his family, ask the Lord for His comfort and provision.

Tuesday 7
Pray that our Leadership Development Program mentors in Thailand will have wisdom from God and will keep their commitments to mentor our LDP students.

Wednesday 8
Pray for wisdom, strength and provision for our Child Survival Program mothers around the globe who are single and are raising their children on their own.

Thursday 9
Pray for a full recovery for 9-year-old Gilbert Samuel Hdun in Bandung, Indonesia, who was hit by a car in mid-December.

Friday 10
Pray for our children, staff and their families in the aftermath of recent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions near Tomohon City in East Indonesia.

Saturday 11
A cyclone hit the coastal area of Tamilnadu, India in late December, damaging the Puduvai Child Development Center and the homes of 70 Compassion children. Praise God that the children and their families are safe; please pray as their homes and center are repaired.

Sunday 12
Pray for Compassion-assisted children Ruby and Miriam in eastern India, who both suffer from brain malaria.

Monday 13
Praise God that no one was harmed during a recent burglary of the Compassion field office in Uganda! Pray for the staff as they replace lost equipment.

Tuesday 14
Pray for God’s healing for Elsabet, an LDP student in Ethiopia who has had to withdraw from Arbaminch University because of serious illness.

Wednesday 15
Please lift up 9-year-old Kamolwan and her family in Thailand. Her father recently passed away.

Thursday 16
Praise God for His protection and safety for our Compassion children from destructive rains that struck the area of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania!

Friday 17
Pray for Compassion Philippines, where 2,725 sponsored children in Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City were impacted by severe flash flooding. The homes of 359 Compassion families were destroyed and 101 homes were damaged.

Saturday 18
Pray for 13-year-old Magda in Peru. Although her cancer has stopped growing, she struggles with depression. Please pray for her healing and encouragement.

Sunday 19
Continue to pray for Prasit in Thailand, who has leukemia — and for his parents, who are unable to work full-time due to frequent travel to be with their son.

Monday 20
Please pray about the rise in malnutrition we see at our child development centers in Haiti despite the nutritional support we provide. Pray that we can help these children attain health.

Tuesday 21
Praise God for His care and protection of our children and staff from a fire at our child development center in Kakina, Bangladesh!

Wednesday 22
Pray for the parents of sponsored children in Burkina Faso, that God would provide the resources they need to keep their children in school.

Thursday 23
Please pray for God’s comfort and strength for the families and friends of the seven sponsored children and three Child Survival Program children who died in the recent, devastating flash flood in the Philippines.

Friday 24
Please continue to pray for the children and their families in Nicaragua who have been affected by recent heavy flooding.

Saturday 25
Pray for the healing of eastern India children Faijen, Sushila and Benjamin, as well as the father of Bikas, who all suffer from tuberculosis.

Sunday 26
Pray for the health of our children in El Salvador as the dry season’s winds bring cool nights and dust, which can cause respiratory diseases.

Monday 27
Pray for Compassion families in the community of Mwanza, Tanzania, as they continue recovering from destructive flooding.

Tuesday 28
Please continue praying for the Lord’s protection of our children in Colombia from prevalent illnesses after recent heavy floods.

Wednesday 29
Pray for God’s guiding hand on Compassion’s leaders, employees and volunteers around the world as they expand efforts to release more and more children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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