Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vacation: Surat Thani (Khao Sok National Park)

A long time ago, while flying through the air, I picked up one of those airplane magazines, which showed all the expensive luxurious places I would never get to go in my life.  One of those places was a treehouse hotel in the middle of some jungle somewhere.  Well, when I realized that I was planning my vacation to a place filled with jungles, I looked into it, and sure enough, there were plenty of treehouse hotels!  Thrilled, I booked my stay at Our Jungle House (click the title), mostly because of their awesome activities list.  I'm so glad that's the one I picked.  This is why:

The view from my first room.

Some of the staff

I went on a "Night Safari."  The key phrase was: "Don't touch that!  Full of poison!!"  This snake will kill you in 30 minutes if it bites you.

Little tarantula.  Although, when my guide said it, it sounded like, "little Dracula."

The lowli moves slowly!  I'm pretty sure he's a type of sloth.

I went on a an intense hike to find the Rafflesia flower, which I'm told is the largest flower in the world.  It only blooms for a couple of days, so most of them were dead when we got there.

This one would be open within the next couple of days (so right about now).

The view from the top of the mountain.
Our Jungle House was GREAT, and I'd definitely recommend staying there.  The place was incredibly family-friendly.  In fact, when I left, I felt like I was leaving home.  Bodhi, his family, and his staff made the stay wonderful, offering activities and food to tempt any traveller.  I meant to write so much about this part of my trip, but it's hard to find words to accurately describe the warm place in my heart I have for Thailand, specifically because of my stay at this hotel (If you can really call it that).  So, I hope my pictures do it justice, and I hope you take the leap and just go ahead and stay there - you won't regret it.

So, yes, all in all, I'd definitely say vacation was a win (and a much needed break from the cold).  Hope y'all are doing well!  I'm off to get coffee with a friend, so I'll upload the rest of my pictures to Facebook later. :)

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