Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Prayers

January 2012 Prayer Calendar

In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with
joy because of your partnership in the gospel from
the first day until now (Philippians 1:4-5, NIV).

Sunday 1
Many of the children we serve have had to bear abusive situations and adult-level burdens. Pray for the restoration of innocence and hope in each precious child.

Monday 2
Praise God that in the past three decades the number of people living in extreme poverty has declined by half! Pray that this momentum will continue in 2012 as Compassion ministers to children and caregivers around the world.

Tuesday 3
Pray for Compassion-assisted families in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where a rare tornado damaged several homes including that of a CSP mother and child.

Wednesday 4
Pray for Vipin and Pathros in east India, who both suffer from malaria.

Thursday 5
Pray for the protection of our children in Honduras, where the delinquency rate among young people is very high.

Friday 6
Pray against untimely and premature deaths among parents and caregivers in Ghana. Pray for God’s provision for the many orphaned children left behind.

Saturday 7
Pray for 16-year-old Mirian in Peru, who suffers from seizures and is unable to attend school.

Sunday 8
Pray for the family of east Indonesia staff member Winston Walujan, whose father passed away during dialysis treatments.

Monday 9
Pray for Rima, Smrity, Pronoy and Dipa in Bangladesh, who all suffer from epilepsy.

Tuesday 10
Pray for Keyla and Rebeca in Mexico. Their grandmother is fighting for custody because the girls’ mother mistreats them.

Wednesday 11
Pray for Lillian in Rwanda, who suffers from acute renal failure. She needs a kidney transplant and a donor has not yet been found.

Thursday 12
Pray for the Church in Guatemala to be light and salt for the world and take the message of salvation and comfort to those in need.

Friday 13
Pray for the Lord’s protection and safety of our children, families and staff members after flooding damaged several homes in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Saturday 14
Pray for 4-year-old Pablo and 14-year-old Yenny in Peru, who both suffer from leukemia.

Sunday 15
Pray for Compassion-assisted children in Sri Lanka, whose homes were partially destroyed
by recent floods. These children are sleeping on the floors with the mud and sand.

Monday 16
We praise God for the visible physical improvement in our children in India who entered our program weak and malnourished.

Tuesday 17
Pray for the children and families in Bolivia who live in extreme poverty, that God will raise up people to sponsor and help them.

Wednesday 18
Pray for the children of Tanzania who do not yet have sponsors — about 4,390 of 64,656 registered children.

Thursday 19
Pray for Lina in Bangladesh, whose father was killed by a tiger in the Sunderban Mangrove area. Pray for Lina’s mother and family.

Friday 20
Pray for 5-year-old Yulet in Mexico, who has been diagnosed with leukemia. She is under treatment but her condition is unstable.

Saturday 21
Pray for the people of Thailand who have been suffering from the worst flooding in years.

Sunday 22
Pray for the children and their families affected by heavy rains and flooding in Ciudad Sandino in Managua, Nicaragua.

Monday 23
Pray for Jasashree, Chirashree and Biswajeet in east India; their father suffers from paralysis.

Tuesday 24
Pray for healing for Compassion-assisted child Rebecca in Rwanda, who is under treatment for a mental disorder.

Wednesday 25
As we work together to release children from poverty, pray that the Holy Spirit will help you and Compassion’s staff and volunteers to truly “change and become like little children” according to Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:3.

Thursday 26
Pray for 8-year-old Mariana in Peru, whose family is struggling after the murder of her father.

Friday 27
Pray for a change of heart and lifestyle for Iresha, a CSP mother in Sri Lanka who begs for a living. She has not come to the project for some time and her children are chronically ill.

Saturday 28 
Pray for all of Compassion’s faithful sponsors and donors, that God would protect and bless them during 2012.

Sunday 29
Fourteen-year-old Joseph in Ghana wants to be a preacher and a gospel singer, but he stammers badly. Pray that God will enable him to overcome this challenge.

Monday 30
Pray for CSP mothers in India who will be having their babies soon. Pray for their safe delivery and for their finances.

Tuesday 31
Praise God for sponsored child Kezia in Indonesia who, although not accepted into the Leadership Development Program, has been awarded a full scholarship to study medical instrumentation at one of the local universities!

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