Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making 김밥 (again)

This post is exclusively about time spent with my family.  I had a blast sharing this experience with them. :)

When my family came to visit, I set them up with a Korean crash course.  To make it extra special, my Korean teacher threw in a lesson on making 김밥.

The Egg Master, doing his thing.

We even got Dad in on the action.  He's mixing the tuna into a tuna salad sort of deal.  I found that fitting, considering that his mom makes the best tuna salad on the planet.

Frying the ham.  (No, I did not partake.  My friends have heard my ham lecture enough times; I don't need to bombard them with it again here.)  

Cutting the egg into strips

One roll done, and we're excited to eat!

One roll done.  "It's not a burrito."

Attempting to slice them.  (I'm no good at it either.)

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