Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This is old, but I want to share it with you anyway.

For a long time, we spent our weekends working with Adam Thomas on his latest project: a series of videos designed to compliment Korea's national curriculum.  The project started after we were disappointed by the videos that came with the curriculum itself, and, although it sucked away a lot of our free time, especially Adam's, I think that the result was well worth it.

The video I've included here is a behind the scenes look at the sport we invented, while making the video attached to the title of this post.  Enjoy!

The in front of the scenes part of the video (seriously, click on the title of the post, you won't regret it if you enjoy slapstick comedy) resulted in my first battle with The Pants.  I won:

You may or may not see my mending handiwork here.  And if you can't see it, I'll take that as a compliment.

And no, I haven't forgotten that I promised updates from my family's time here.  This was just ready to go NOW, and it kind of has seniority.  I PROMISE THE OTHER UPDATES WILL COME.  Promise.  Until then, <3.

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