Saturday, January 14, 2012

Harry Potter Camp - Day 5 - Herbology

Well, this day was not supposed to be Herbology day, but the teacher made a boo-boo and forgot to remind the students to bring their things for Potions sooooo, we switched to emergency plan B (and I, of course, gave bonus points to the students who were more responsible than myself).  Despite its being plan be (and the stupid idea of showing a video without the Korean subtitles - it's attached to the title), the kids were big fans of Day 5.  Their health-nut sides (which reminded me of JoshandKelli Taylor) would not allow this day to win a Students' Choice Award, but I very much enjoyed the cleanup process, as I have absolutely no problem eating refined sugar, especially when my students leave it sitting, untouched, on their desks for me to throw away.

This was the workbook page of the day.
In spite of their relatively reasonable fear of fat and sugar, my kids managed to have big smiles on their face, especially after I told them to imagine the fertilizer chunks that they needed to crush were their siblings' heads... perhaps I'm a bad influence here...
All smiles.
Anyhoo... I was espically forgetful, and forgot to bring a mixing spoon, sooo... I resorted to this option:
I didn't tell them this wasn't my original plan.  Never let them see you sweat.
We "planted" our "flowers," and then I told them they needed to sample it.  That's when they got pretty nervous.
Hufflepuf[f]s, hoping the Gryffindors will show some of their alleged bravery and sample the stuff first.

In the end, the kids liked it well enough to ask for the real recipe to make it at home.  So, I'm counting this one as a win.  In case you want to try my Korea-modified dirt pudding recipe, fertilizer = Oreos, bird dung = Philadelphia Cream Cheese, melting snow = custard-flavored yogurt, and lizard milk is milk. Mix it together in quantities that produce mud-like effects.  It's not really an exact science.  

Here's hoping the Venomous Tentacula doesn't sneak up on you.  It's teething after all.


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