Thursday, February 16, 2012

Be Still

I'd like to introduce you to the last song on the album "Scars & Stories" by The Fray, which is quickly becoming my new favorite.

As I once said to a 9-year-old, "I think you have to have gone through something truly terrible to appreciate The Fray, so I'd really rather that you didn't like them."

So don't worry if it's not your thing.  However, if they are, I think there's a lot of healing to be found in this new album, so, go click on the title (of this post) and buy it.  The deluxe version, which includes 17 songs, a booklet, and a video (along with a couple other tidbits) is $13.  You can't beat that.

And this is an excellent cover that I saw and liked a lot.  He covered it based only on live performances, I'm pretty sure:

Have a good night!

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