Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lent: Even though I don't like it at times

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Blessing #6 - Education

Today, I graduated from the TESOL program at KNU.  I must say, I did not enjoy the class, overall.  But, now I'm certified, and I have my certificate, which should be good globally.

Me, my professors, and Dr. Im (and my certificate and plant).

I also appreciated the class, because it gave me the opportunity to re-bond with the people who came in the same time as me, as well as some of the new people.  I really do feel a lot closer to them now.  I hope it sticks!

The whole group, professors, Dr. Im, and all.
What is it that you dislike in the moment, but are grateful for in the end?


  1. I dislike the tough experiences in my career and education... even in life. I dislike them in the moment, but as I step back and reflection I get to see the benefit of God's plan for these events and experiences. I also appreciate how those events shape me into a better and more prepared person for the needs of my future.

    1. We are similar in that regard, for sure. I'm getting better about trying to step back from the tough stuff and learn how to grow from it, though.