Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My first all-Korean assignment

좀비가 많아요. 그리고 싸우는 사람 적어요. 우리는 아마 죽을 거예요. 좀비가 배고파요. 그게 나빠요. 아마도 좀비는 제 친구를 먹고 배부를 거예요. 하지만 그게 또 안 좋아요. 이 싸움은 어려울 거예요. 좀비가 많아요. 그래서 시끄러워요. 아마도 우리는 조용해면, 이 싸움은 쉬울 거예요. 

I'm so proud of myself.

There are lots of zombies. And there are a few fighting people. We probably are going to die. The zombies are hungry. That is bad. Perhaps the zombies will eat my friend. But that's not good also. This fight will be difficult. There are lots of zombies, So they are loud. Maybe if we are quiet, this fight will be easy.

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