Saturday, February 18, 2012

Re: Shiva

In one of the most interesting twists of this week,

Parker King is NOT dead.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have him alive, but I'm upset that he chose to fake his own death.  That was incredibly insensitive and rude.

In an effort to increase views on his music video and win a contest, Parker led the world to believe he had overdosed on heroin.

That being said, I'm going to repost some of the things I wrote that I would like to continue to display for the world, because they're important to me:

I have, unfortunately, experienced death enough in my life to know that sitting Shiva is one of my most cherished traditions within the Jewish faith.  Although he has not yet been buried, I began my Shiva for Parker King tonight.  That is the awful part about living so far away - things like funerals for high school friends must be missed. 
This is an old picture of Parker, from when we had Ancient and Medieval History together.

If we all are honest with ourselves, the reason why people saying "You're not guaranteed your next breath" is so cliche is because we all already know it.  The people about whom the general They like to say "They think they're invincible!" are just the people who don't care. 
What we DON'T stop to think about is that the person sitting next to us isn't guaranteed their next breath either.

I don't care what kind of research you think you've done.  Anything you put into your body is a big deal, especially the things that change your body chemistry, whether it's chocolate, ibuprofen, or heroin.  These things are not to be taken lightly.  I'm sure this soapbox won't surprise anyone, as I've always been picky about taking drugs, and as a result can get as high as a kite from 600 mg of ibuprofen.  You may laugh at that, but it's my point entirely.  While plenty of people throw back 2, 3, 4 ibuprofen, even mixing it with maybe Excedrin to take on their headaches, one is enough to make me lightheaded.  These things are a big deal, because we build up a tolerance for them.   
Eventually, whatever you're doing to deal with your issues isn't going to be enough.  You're going to need more or something even stronger.  Before you know it, what started out as something you did to relax can take over your life. 
Drugs do not mess around.  Maybe you look at them as playing by the "shoot to incapacitate" rule, but let me correct that assumption: They take no prisoners, heroin especially.  Look at it - just quitting alone can kill you.  That is not something you can deal with, and it's certainly not something you can escape from on your own.  Don't touch it. 
If you're currently tied up in drugs (addiction or none), I would strongly recommend starting to open the lines of communication with people who care about you.  Start this before it is too late.  If talking to those people just isn't on there radar, The Hopeline is an anonymous outlet to a group of people whose sole purpose is to listen to you and try to help you find to the strength to continue seeking help.  They're a wonderful group of people. 
Heroin is not your friend.
Don't leave the people who care about you in favor of it.

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