Sunday, July 17, 2011

G-d's just been showing off.

Soooo I've been meaning to post this since Thursday. Sorry. Life's been hectic. I'm sure you can understand.

On Thursday, I decided I was not going to let fear rule me, and I borrowed my friend's car, and went driving by myself to run some errands.I got my papers sent off to Korea, which turned out to be harder than I thought. I got to the UPS store, only to be quoted a price of $50 to send them. $50 is not acceptable. I cannot afford it, so I left and went to the bank. After that, it was time for my check in with the doctor, who said that he was entirely surprised at how well I'm doing physically. He double-checked my head, saying that the bumps are healing nicely. He too was surprised at my lack of injuries. He gave me the appointment for free, because he thought I'd been through enough already. He's so sweet.

Right after that, I went to the post office. I knew that they would not get my papers to Korea as quickly as UPS, but they would be cheaper. After consulting with one of the women who hired me, I knew the most important factor was the ability to track it over the ocean, so I requested that at the counter, only to be told that this was impossible. I debated this point with the man behind the counter, but he insisted, so I reclaimed my papers and went out into the lobby to think. I tried calling a couple of people, but no one picked up. Then this really sweet woman put a hand on my shoulder and asked if I was okay. I told her yes, but then she said (in her English accent),

"You know, honey, I ship things overseas all the time, and I know they can track it...I'm going to sort this out for you. Stay right there."

She then disappeared into the main area, shortly reemerging with two papers. She told me that I needed to request "registered mail" vs. "tracking." She said, "Honey, fill these papers out, and take it all back in. They're just being stupid. If they still say that they can't, take your s*** and go to another post office."

I laughed, and then looked up to thank her, and she was gone. My mom insisted I share this story as proof that G-d is working overtime in taking care of me (Maybe angels aren't quite as straight-laced as we like to think?). I agree; He is, because this woman's option worked just fine. I took a picture on my phone of the intensity of what they did to this envelope, but I'm technology illiterate and couldn't get it to upload, so just picture every opening paper-taped down with date stamps every couple of inches along the tape. It was exciting (and only $15).

After all that excitement, I did something totally for me (which I'm now striving to do every day): I went back to the crash site. A lot of people think I'm insane for doing it, and I will admit that it got my adrenaline pumping, but I really felt that I needed it. The skid marks helped to fill in some of the blanks in my memory, and certainly got me a bit emotional, but I needed this to feel more real. Until then, I hadn't been able to process it; it was like nothing had happened, except that I didn't have a car. After this, I can't feel that way anymore. All in all, it was a good choice.

That being said, I have a request to make: please drive CONSIDERATELY and RESPECTFULLY. Yes, you may be running late to something, even something very important, but, whatever it is, it is not more important than the life of the person in the car next to you (and if it is, you shouldn't be driving, emergency personnel should be). Please, slow down and obey the speed limits; consider the moves you're making and choose what is safest. (Click here for some tips from AAA.)

Love you all.

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