Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This will be quick.

Good news! There's a backup plan in case my VISA doesn't come through in time: If that turns out to be the case, my departure from the U.S. will be pushed back a month. However, I still plan to leave Nashville on July 17, as I have to be moved out then anyway, and my cousin (who just sent me yet another game request on Facebook... too bad I can't access that game unless I'm off campus.) and his fiancée are patiently waiting for me to sell them my car, and I really don't want to keep them waiting. Not to worry, though... my bedroom has yet to fully turn into a storage room at my parents' house. Soooo maybe, just maybe, I won't be in a rush to say goodbye to all my HoCo people... Of course, a month does seem a little more than necessary, but I'm trying to trust in G-d's perfect timing (as I remember that I have yet to check the mail today... I'm going to go do that)!

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