Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let's talk about how good G-d is.

So... Today, I understood a little better as to why everything has been unfolding the way it has.

Today, I got in an accident. I am absolutely fine, so don't worry. I was trying to merge into the right lane, when it turned out that there was another in my blind spot. It sped up and beeped, which startled me. I overcompensated, then overcompensated back. I hit the guard rail and ricocheted back into traffic. I looked up in time to see a semi coming straight for me. He braked in time, though, and then stayed there, preventing other cars from coming back at me. I could not open my car door from the inside, but a woman from two cars behind me came and got me out. As it turns out, she is a doctor, so she took care of me. Right behind her was a TDOT man, who also took care of me. Soon, emergency personnel were there too. They took me to the hospital, where it turned out that I was perfectly fine. I'm barely even bruised. I'm sore and shaken, but I'm fine.

G-d knew this was going to happen, and, although I certainly would have preferred to not wreck, He took care of me through it. He put these people on the road and kept me from extensive injuries. He delayed me getting my VISA paperwork so I would not have to be on an international flight next week.

Quite honestly, I feel like I should have been dead (as did the police officer that I was talking to today), but I was able to walk away with only bruises, not even scratches. G-d is so good.

Finally, I got this in my mailbox today. I'm pretty certain that it's my VISA paperwork. I'll let you know for sure tomorrow. As it turns out, everything really is in G-d's perfect timing.
Please drive safely.

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  1. So glad you are ok! Scary business! That makes me not like Nashville drivers anymore. Stay safe!! Don't go dying on me now!