Saturday, August 4, 2012

July Report Card

July kicked my butt a bit, goals-wise, as violin practicing usually ended up taking more than the hour I'd mentally planned for it, not to mention I got sick again, and, as I'm an over achiever, summer camp planning took what I'm reporting as a good 50 hours of planning, but, if I was being honest, I'd put it in the 75+ range.  That being said, I'm giving myself a lenient B.
  1. Drink 1.5L of water before indulging in other drinks.
    • I vote that this gets an A-.  I didn't really keep a record of whether or not I was doing this, but I definitely felt like I was, and, if I didn't, it was usually to drink a sports drink instead.  With as much as I've been sweating with the heat and humidity here, I don't consider that a bad thing.
  2. Practice my violin every day.
    • I'm giving this an A.  While it hasn't been every day, it's been nearly every day, and I've achieved my goal of feeling pretty ready for Meret's wedding.
  3. Go out with friends every week.
    • A+.  Mission very accomplished and then some.
  4. Work on my story (almost) every day, with the goal of finishing the first draft by the end of August.
    • F.  I think I wrote one time this month.  I really need someone to be willing to read it consistently and give me constructive feedback.
  5. At least think about doing Rosetta Stone once a week.
    • A.  I even did it twice.
  6. Make a hot-months bucket list.
    • C.  I hadn't done it until now: Hot months bucket list - Meret's wedding, Sonic, Istanbul, Mountain Dew Voltage, cousins, bathing suit, sleep, hair cut, superhero movies.  So, maybe that's only a vacation's worth of stuff, but, as it turns out, I'm pretty busy, and I'm not going to find time to do much else.  Also, when I'm free, no one else is.
  7. Shrink my "to mend" clothes pile.  (Maybe even just finish one???)
    • F.  I made this goal, knowing it probably wasn't going to happen.  Your attitude determines the outcome, I guess.
  8. Kick my summer camp's butt.
    • I - incomplete.  So far, since I've discovered that water guns make my kids participate, the summer camp seems to be being kicked, but I won't be able to tell you for sure for a couple more days.

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