Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vacation: The Reason for the Visit

What you may or may not have known about this trip is that it's been planned since Christmas, and it had little to nothing to do with my family.  See, while I was in an elevator with my mom, I got a message from my very dear friend Meret, telling me that she was engaged.  Unless you know Meret, this probably won't be a big deal to you, but, to those of us who were present through the growth of her and Casey's relationship, this was very exciting news.  It was so exciting that I started screaming in the elevator.  Those poor Korean women who were there with us had no idea how to handle it, and exited as quickly as they could.

Fast forward a couple of months, when I deliver my boss the good news, and ask to have my vacation over the weekend of Meret and Casey's wedding.  My boss looks at me, full of compassion and says, "I really want you to be able to go to the wedding.  I can tell it means a lot to you.  Can you ask your friend to move her wedding to August 11?  That would be better."  Dumbfounded, I tell her no.  (Please note, my boss wasn't being snide here.  This is apparently a decently standard practice in Korea.)  Later, I jokingly tell Meret about the request, as I express my regret that I'll be unable to make it.  Meret's response, however, surprises me even more.  "Tell her 'sure'," she says.  "I haven't put any deposits down anyway."

I went back to my boss, ate me words, and the rest is history.

By the time all was said and done, I had become an honorary member of the wedding party, and played all the music for the ceremony itself.  It was quite a daunting task, and I ended up doing a lot of rearranging of music on the spot, as dictated by my nerves, but, from what I've been told, it all turned out well.  I was given the opportunity to present the bride and groom with my gift - a song I had written for them, detailing their relationship from my point of view, via violin.  Meret loved it so much, she asked me to play it as her wedding march.  I was and am still incredibly honored.

I am so, so glad that got to see these two wonderful people wed.  I am and will be praying for them, and I cannot wait to meet up again with them (hopefully) in another year.

Abba G-d, shine your mercy and love on these two beautiful people as they twine their lives together, becoming one, bound by You.  You have promised us that a cord of three is not easily broken, so let it be with them.  Keep their eyes fixed steadfastly on You, as they grow together in Love and Truth.  Bring them to a place of doubtless trust, honor, and faithfulness.  Teach them to love each other as You love; give them a love that never fails.  Help them celebrate their joy fully and endure the pain together, always growing stronger.  What You have brought together, let no man tear apart.  In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.  Amen.

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