Friday, June 17, 2011

I must be devoted to this...

Well, I was invited to my first Rosetta Stone "Game Night." (Click on those words to understand more what that means... it's really cool!) You are welcome to look and look, but my Game Night is not mentioned on that page, which I've decided was because it was at such an awful hour. See "Night" was very loosely translated here. Apparently it meant, Rosetta Stone Game Korean-Night, because it was scheduled for 7:00am CDT. When I double checked to confirm with Rosetta that this was correct, I got this really nice email back (click on it to see better):

Like I said, it's really nice and all, and I loved the thought of being able to work with a native-Korean speaker again. Here's the downfall of the plan: None of my Korean-friends-to-be showed up. In fact, only about 5 people showed up. Boo.

I did, however, get to play several games with a man from the United Kingdom, who went by S Fraser. The time seemed a bit more bearable for him, although it sounded like he was on his lunch break, and he had a very poor internet connection, but we made due.

I ran into a lot of the same problems that I did with my lesson with a native-speaker. I'm so used to identifying things based on reading the Korean that when it comes time to speak, I have no idea what I'm doing. I know that it's a good idea to label things in your house to help you learn vocabulary, but does anyone have a tip for how to learn vocabulary better vocally/to use in conversation?

I also need to get better at being able to speak Korean through the morning fog in my brain... that was not easy at all.

What I'm listening to: The sound of my boyfriend sleeping instead of hanging out with me (poor guy, his insomnia caught up with him). There were good intentions there at least...
What I probably should be doing: Still working on that vocal literature project. (Don't worry, though, I have made some progress.)

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