Friday, June 24, 2011

This entry has nothing to do with Korea... well... not really.

So, my friend Bri has this really fun blog that I enjoy reading. Mostly she shows me really pretty things that remind me that I'm a recent graduate from college and have no money, but today she hit the jackpot. She put up these printable posters to help get healthy, so, in an attempt to make me happier on that insanely long flight to Korea (See? We knew I could tie it in somehow.) and just in general. I'm intending on undertaking the adventures that these posters outline. Who's with me? (Comment and leave me some support... I can't do this on my own.)

Sooo... here's the "Welcome to Exercising" one:
And here's the "Get the Daily Recommended Amount of Water" one:
We'll see if I stick to this. Wish me luck!

P.S. The boyfriend got me back into Paper Mario. Click here for a list of recipes to have Tayce T. make for you. (Although, we have found some errors.)

P.P.S. I left you some fun facts linked to the title of this entry.

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