Wednesday, June 22, 2011

G-d is so cool!

So, I went to a luncheon with the Southeast Compassion Advocates yesterday, and a lot of cool things happened. HOWEVER... the one that stuck out most to me was how Compassion has a CENTRAL OFFICE AND PARTNERSHIP NETWORK IN SOUTH KOREA! (Don't believe me? Click on the title of this post.) Therefore, the people I met with are now getting me hooked up with the Advocate network there, and I will get to continue my work with Compassion! (You hear that, Mom?) You also may have noticed that I have now decked out my blog with Compassion paraphernalia; that's because I'm a HUGE fan. "Why?", you ask. Well, I'm so glad you did.

  1. Compassion is a transparent organization with everything from it's history to it's financial statements found HERE.
  2. Compassion targets children while they are still in utero (a.k.a. before they are born), teaching their mothers parenting skills and providing them with pre-natal care, all the way through providing these children with college-like opportunities in the Leadership Development program, supplementing their programs with other country/need-specific initiatives, honed specifically to give each child the best shot at a poverty-free life (speaking of which, read HERE about how experts at Compassion have calculated that we can end poverty in this generation.) Click HERE to understand Compassion's Holistic Child Development Model.
  3. Compassion is committed to Jesus Christ. They put Him at the center of their work and surround the children with Him.
  4. And for everything else you read HERE.

Yes, I like Compassion a lot, and I thrilled that I'm going to get to continue to work with them.

I'm so excited.

So I'm going to sign out here, and leave you with a picture of me, meeting the first child I ever sponsored, Raquel (at the right-most of the picture), and her mom (on the left-most of the picture), which may possibly be the highlight of my life:

P.S. Sponsor a kid:

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