Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today had all sorts of fun candids.

Here are the highlights:
  • The sixth graders are getting ready to take this majorly important test on Tuesday (please keep them in your prayers), so we spent class time this week playing a review game.  My favorite class was one that went from being a very high-scoring game, to two of the teams losing all their points, due to some unfortunate choices.  Then, when it seemed like a lock for Team B, Team C found a "switch points with another team" option.  Not even Team B could keep from laughing, so you know I lost it (so did my co-teacher, so I don't feel bad).  It was a situation that could have turned ugly, but the kids were having so much fun; I really appreciated it.
  • Korea had a blackout drill today.  All of it.  The government shut down the power to certain key buildings, and everyone else was on the honor system to turn it off on their own.  Honestly, I don't know how that helps anyone be prepared for anything, since all it changed was how hot we felt, but maybe my Korean counterparts got something from it.  (Or maybe, possibly the government just saved a TON of money today?  Maybe the U.S. should try it...)
  • Somehow a massive wooden structure got ripped out of the solid wood floor to which it was screwed.  The group of students blamed it on the one autistic child in their midst, but, somehow I get the feeling that they weren't being entirely truthful.  Call me crazy.
  • In telling my friend Cameron about that, we decided that the child must be the daughter of the Hulk, and is, therefore, genetically mutated.  We concluded that it's very irresponsible to have mutant children and not send them to Dr. Xavier for proper responsibility training.  (These are the things I talk about in real life.)
  • We all got together for our quarterly dinner with everyone in the program through KNU.  I remembered tonight how I thought I was going to hate all of those after the first one I went to.  Now, I realized that I very much look forward to them.
All in all, I'd call today quite successful.  Tomorrow, I don't have to teach, so I'm attempting to get ahead on my summer camp planning.  Wish me luck.

Blimey Cow photo-a-day 21. Something you NEED.
I NEED to get back in my Bible more.

All right y'all.  Bedtime.  Have fun with whatever it is that you're doing.

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