Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The dirt on the giveaway

I need a good last name for a character in my story.  First name: Charity.  She's kind of a third-party plot-line.  (For those of you who read Stephenie Meyer, think Bree Tanner.)  I want her name to feel older and more sophisticated than the character does herself... if that makes any sense.

The person who comes up with the best name will win a giveaway.

Here's how this is going to work:

  1. Make sure you leave your name in the comment section.
  2. Make sure you leave your surname ideas for Charity.
  3. Make sure you pop back in next Tuesday to see if you've won.
  4. If you win, I will send you something cool and exciting from Korea.  AKA - your choice of a sampling of my favorite beauty supplies from here (and trust me, if there's one country in the world that knows skin, it's Korea), a sampling of my favorite snacks from here, or a combo of both.

Beauty is sure to include some of these:

Snackage is sure to include some of these:

Ready?  Go.

(I'm not really sure how to fulfill the photo of the day for today <21st Century America>, soooo... we'll go with some 21st Century Korea.  I'm picking the Barbie beauty supplies to cover that shot.)


  1. Charity Grace.
    Charity O'Keefe
    Charity Parker
    Charity Smith.
    Charity Haddock.
    Charity Pierce.
    Charity Case.
    Charity Greg.
    Charity Steward.

    1. #2 - If I'm not ripping off J.K. Rowling, I can't really justify ripping off Madeleine L'Engle, but now I'm desperately wanting to re-read all of her books, so thanks; I've got my beach reading picked out for the summer.

      #8 & #9 - Believe it or not, I actually kind of like those.

      Nice to hear from you, Greg. :)

  2. Jaimi-San

    Charity Laramore
    Charity Meridian
    Charity Harding
    Charity Marie


    1. Those also have excellent potential. :)

      Thanks for the input!

  3. John Schanck

    Charity Rose
    Charity Chase
    Charity Moore
    Charity Keyes
    Charity O'Hare
    Charity Campbell
    Charity Jade
    Charity Nightingale

    1. Thanks for your ideas! There are some great ones in there.