Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bring it in for a second.

It's easy for me to write and be silly on here.  It's easy for me to make everything look like a picnic.  It's easy for me to skip of a day of writing when stuff isn't perfect or when I'm exhausted.  But I'm not going to do that today.

My friend Greg asked me to write about community today.


The interesting part is, I'm pretty much the worst person to write about community.  I'm the girl who comes home every day and triple locks her door, puts on her pajamas at 6:30pm, and would sooner go hungry than go out to buy food even if the pantry is empty.  I'm the girl that dreads the phrase "This will be a group project."

And I revel in that... until I don't.

Tonight, I don't.  Tonight, I'm lonely.  Tonight, I've waited one night too long to be in community.  I can always tell when I have.  I get so tired, so lonely, so achey when that happens.  Don't get me wrong, I'm normally the introvert who needs the alone time, but I think there's also something in us that needs community - true community.

It's not about being with people, because I can do that and still be entirely alone.  It's about being known.  It's about sharing.  It's about being open.

How scary is that?

I've heard the result is beautiful.  I can't confirm that for you, as I don't do it regularly enough to tell, but that's the rumor.

What do you think?

Blimey Cow photo-a-day 12. Foodie - You know, I'm not really even sure what this means, but I look at it and I read "cute, small food."  Unfortunately, I read this after I'd already eaten, so I took a picture of the cute, small bowl from which I ate my dinner.

Now, I'm going to finish listening to this Francis Chan sermon, and I'm going to bed early.  I'm too tired to stay up late tonight.

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