Saturday, May 19, 2012


There was a mistake in the bloggerland, and, because I was trying to free up some more space for new photos, some old ones got deleted.  Boo.  Now, all you see is a pretty little circle with a line in it, instead of some lovely pictures... like the ones I posted of David and Sarah Schanck.  Boo.  If this troubles you as much as it does me, let me know and I'll take the time to go fix it.  Otherwise, remain in you vortex of silence... although, that vortex may also be caused by another issue in the bloggerland... apparently some of you can't comment??  I don't know how to fix that, the host of the bloggerland (the largest monopoly on the face of the planet, Google) is too good to have a "contact us for help" section.  They just users post on message boards.  I have yet to find an instance when that works.  Anyway.  Yes... problems.  There you go.

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