Saturday, May 12, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye

This is currently my favorite song, and it seems to be the world's, too.  There are so many excellent arrangements of it, and I've selected quite a few of them, for varying reasons, and, yes, I realize that two of these videos may make people uncomfortable (the 2nd, which is the original, and the 4th, which is the gLee cover), but fear not, in a fun twist (as pointed out to me by my friend Becca), the gLee video is sung by two brothers.  have selected each video for either its emotional portrayal of the song or its musicality or both.  Your heart will be able to identify them for you.

I've put my favorite arrangement of it first, followed by the original.  Next is my first exposure to the song.  The final is evidence of the world's adoration of it, and probably the one that tears at my heart the most.

I hope you can enjoy this song as much as I do!

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