Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hey, Anne... what did you do with your long weekend?

Just a normal long weekend... you know...

Oh, yeah... aside from the fact that my rabbit started peeing blood, so I called and woke up one of my TESOL profs and his wife to beg them to take me to the 24 hour animal hospital and translate for me.  Unbeknownst to me, I was waking up a woman who was terrified of animals.


Bunny did NOT like the ultrasound procedure, but seemed to realize at some point that we were trying to help her, because she chilled out.

She REALLY did not like the X-ray, since we had to stretch her legs out.

But she was very good for her shots.

Let's see if she behaves when I have to give her her meds two times a day.

She could have an infection or a bladder inflammation, but the vet wasn't totally sure.  He referred me to a bunny specialist in Seoul, though.  A bunny specialist.  I don't even go to see human specialists.

Picture me throwing my hands up into the air here.  Now, look at this video of my bun being healthy.

Oh yeah... I busted up my $10/day budget for today.  Just an FYI.

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