Monday, May 28, 2012

Okay, so what have we learned?

I can still hear my dad, singing those words at me  I hated them.  They usually popped up when I had dome something especially stupid, like knocking over my glass of milk or something (or wrote the word dome instead of done... See what I did there?).  Today, I feel like someone needs to come to my house and ask me that question.  Except don't, because today's Buddha's birthday, so we don't have school, and I'm celebrating by not wearing pants today.

So, after my three cups of coffee that I had yesterday afternoon at Kris' apartment (no creme, no sugar, so it was almost healthy... it probably would have been in a smaller amount), and the midnight trip to the animal hospital, I was wired, and stayed up until the moon went to bed, waking up just now.  No, I don't feel great, but it's not too bad.  I'm loopy enough to take the bun into my bathroom and actually encourage her to pee in the shower, though.  I'm glad I did.  I'm pleased to announce:

The pee is normal again!!!

Yeah, you probably didn't need to see that, but it fits with the theme of what I learned in this excursion.  Speaking of which, all together now:

Okay, so what have we learned?

  1. We learned that Korea has 24 hour vets.
  2. We learned that you that class syllabi are actually helpful.
  3. We learned that certain TESOL professor's wives are very self-sacrificing.
  4. We learned that bunnies may or may not have blood-colored pee from time-to-time... (I would have taken her to the vet whether I looked that up first or not.  The guinea pig died of tumors which were indicated by the blood in her urine.)
  5. We learned that I'm gonna be one of those crazy mommas that takes their babies to the doctor for every little thing.  (And one of those crazy mommas that posts pictures of every little thing here babies do: "Look!  Johnny made a poop in the potty!  Yayyyy!"  Prepare yourself.)
  6. We learned that I should probably just go ahead and set up a weekly appointment with a pediatrician, scheduled to start eight years from now or so.
Okay.  That's what I learned.  What did you learn?  (Yes, I was only dumb enough to say that to my father once.)

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