Monday, April 1, 2013

What The DPRK is like, from the mouths of its leaders and its former citizens.

A couple years ago, BBC News gave an comprehensive review of life in North Korea (DPRK).  It's fascinating to see the differences between the life of the elite (or that which they present) and the contradictions presented by DPRK defectors.  In light of the recent propaganda video hoax, I'd like to encourage you to watch this report and get a better idea of what the DPRK really is telling its citizens and why people are so anxious to leave.

** Defectors reveal the truth about life in North Korea **
Sue Lloyd-Roberts travels from North Korea to South Korea to talk to defectors who explain what life is really like in the North and talk about their shock at leaving a land of austerity, poverty and isolation for a land of plenty and fast-paced change.

Unfortunately, there is no legal way for me to embed the video to my blog, but I do want to encourage you to watch it by clicking here.

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