Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's unavoidable...

It's pretty much as unavoidable as Darth Vader being Luke's father: My name is "Anna" while I'm here.  Somehow, they got that one into their heads, and, even though I've corrected it, it still gets written that way in every paper introducing me.  I sang a solo in church this morning (on request), and this is how I was introduced:

Hopefully, you can see that.  My name is near the bottom.  Anyway, all day when I introduced myself, I was corrected.  So.  I'm Anna.  Great.

Anyway... this is a picture of the couple I flew over with - Lisa and Cameron.  We'll be joined by another couple tomorrow.
 Annnnd, this is a picture of me enjoying really yummy Korean food.  Koreans LOVE taking photos, so, unfortunately, I had a bunch of water in my mouth when this was taken.  Fortunately, I still managed to look cute.

 Finally, I saw this in the mall the other day.  It made me really happy, especially since it was moved to cover all the Yankees gear:

So there you go... this is a quickie, but I think it's still a goodie.  Enjoy, and leave me comments with what you want to know about!


  1. I want to know aboutttttttt violin playing!! When can you play in church Anna? haha.. love you...
    also... i'm going to miss you making me an omelet. I mean.. even if you were here, you still couldn't because I don't have the meal plan... but still... you were awesome at it. Also.. I think I'm going to suggest to chef a new breakfast specialty.... Made-to-order breakfast burritos! yes?

    1. Sweet, Alex... just so you know... They still ask me over and over, "When can you play in church, Anna?"

      I did inform some of my Korean friends that my name is Anne, and they cracked up over the situation. I like them a lot. :)

  2. Anna? Oh gosh! I know that you are loving that. You were always so particular about your name... even as a young child. "Pumpkin"... "My name is not pumpkin, it's Anne Nicole Royster!" haha. Maybe you can get some people to believe your name is Anne over the period of the year that you are there.

    1. I'm about half and half now, just in case you wanted to keep up with the saga.