Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silly 미국 사람, squid is for kids!

Two oopses today:

1. I started reprimanding a kid for tearing pages out of his book and throwing them all over the room.  I was in the process of telling him to go stand in the back, when the rest of the class started yelling "disabled" my way.  Oops... turns out the kid is Special Ed... they just don't separate those kids out here, which is really a shame, because he spends all day in his own world, tearing pages out of his book.  I wish there was a way for him to, you know, learn something.

2. They served squid at lunch, and I went for it, not wanting to make trouble.  Well... as it turns out, squid is neither kosher, nor something I can digest, apparently.  As a result, I spent the rest of the day in a decent amount of pain, and am seriously considering skipping this dinner idea.

Any bets on the next stupid thing I do?

On the bright side, we've got a 5-day weekend coming up for a huge Korean holiday (Chusok).  I know I'm going to the beach on Saturday, and I think I'm going to try to work in a Seoul trip too.

Also, here's some more kid cuteness for you:

I finally got to teach the 4th graders again today.  One of the kids in the front row was goofing around, so I goofed around with him before the class started.  He made a silly face, and I made one back.  He made a cutting motion across his throat, so I asked him why he was dying.  He pointed at the kid on his right and said, "He poisoned me!"
"Why did he poison you?"
"Because he wants to see me go like this: [insert dramatic choking scene here]"
"Why does he want you to choke?"
The kid replied, totally deadpan: "He doesn't.  I'm lying."
"Why are you lying?"
The kid grinned.  "Because I'm a liar."

Haha... I wanted to talk to the kid about not lying, but I was too busy trying not to roll on the floor from laughing. :)
Love you all!

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