Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The only lesson that has stuck

Another snippet for today:

My sixth graders are... a handful... if you will, but I've managed to make one lesson stick.  Yesterday, I caught a boy giving another the middle finger.  I called him on it in class, and then talked to him afterward.  I gave him a long lecture about how that is very rude, and you should never show it to another.  I told him that if I saw it from him again,  I would involve more teachers.  Then, realizing I'd been talking for a while and he had just been nodding, I asked him if he understood.

"Yes, teacher."

"Okay.  What did I say to you?"

"Teacher say I should not make hand gesture.  Teacher say I am very rude."

Darn straight, little boy... darn straight.  Is it bad that I am actually starting to look forward to taking things away from the kids?  hahah... I'm horrible.

PS.  Click on the title of this post for a list of all of Bart Simpson's similar encounters.

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