Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cheonan World Dance Festival

So, this past weekend, my city played host to a really cool international dance festival.  People of all ages competed alongside a series of cultural booths.  It was truly a cool thing to experience, in spite of the cold and lack of personal space.  I'm told that if I have braved it out until after dark it got even cooler, but, as it was, I couldn't feel my hands by the time I got back home, so I think I was okay not staying out there that long.  Here are some pictures for you:
These first two pictures where the first group I saw dancing at the festival, and I'm glad for that.  They made me remember how rich the culture is here.
These two photos were of the Rainbow Dance Company.  They made me remember how much I love to dance, along with thoroughly impressing me.  Kids have so much energy!
These kids go to my friend Carolyn's school.
A ballet company we saw with some pretty cute girls in it.
Pottery wheel at one of the cultural booths
Hand-dyed fabric and shawls
These are not glass, they're sugar!  It was astounding!  (And, in the back, they were teaching kids how to do it!  I would have joined in, but there were so many people that I was too overwhelmed.)

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  1. i have been there for the competition,,