Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yom Kippur 5772

Click the title of this post if you don't know what Yom Kippur is.  If you do, then read on.

This year, I got to celebrate Yom Kippur with some of my fellow Waygooks in Korea (I got to do this for Rosh Hashana too... I just didn't take any pictures of that).  It was a small crowd, but it was very nice... very relaxing.  As I told my friend Adam, I think this was the best thing that I've done since coming to South Korea.  I've really needed it.  We just sat there, stared at candles, talked, laughed, and enjoyed not being required to do anything else.

As believers in Christ as Messiah, we decided to celebrate the Atonement that He has already given us, rather than the somber day of fasting that most Jews observe.  I'm glad we made that choice.  We have enough stress on us as it is.

Okay.  That's enough words... let's look at some pictures:

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