Saturday, October 8, 2011

Seoul International Fireworks Festival

This is one of those cool things that I promised you I was going to do... A fireworks competition between South Korea, Japan, and Portugal.  It was so awesome!  But it was also one of those things that really reminded me that I'm in Asia... you never realize how many people are in the world until you're being squashed by them all.  Here are some photos:
Waiting to get on the subway
Being on the subway was physically painful (but worth it).
Leaving the subway station
Looking back down the escalator
And, of course, the fireworks.  (I tried to put some up here that weren't on my Facebook.)
Finally, I've decided that fireworks are just so much better when viewed while surrounded by quite possibly 100,000 Koreans.  So, I've included a video for you to watch and share in the experience:

Oh, and I got to eat more Subway.  Yum.

Love you!

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  1. That is a crazy subway. I am pretty sure that is too many people. lol. The fireworks were awesome. I think it is funny that people scream and oohhh and ahhhh during fireworks, when clearly the people who are setting them off cannot hear you. Just a random thought in my head.