Friday, October 14, 2011

This isn't a prayer request. It's a prayer begging.

"Wherever two or more of you are gathered, so shall I be also."

Here's the deal guys... the sister of my Compassion Kid Enock (See the photo) is is really sick.  According to a letter I received, written by a friend, helping Enock's mother:

"She says her daughter went for a greener pasture, but when she was returning, the daughter returned with the mental problem.  The child had been sent to hospitals and prayer camps, but it still doesn't go.  Their mother therefore is pleading on your behalf to pray for her daughter.  The situation is now: The sick child is at home safely.  According to her mother, she doesn't sleep at home at night."

There is a lot of room for interpretation, I know... but this is my latest information.

I myself am going to attempt to be praying on this as much as Enock's mom is asking.  What I am asking of you is a prayer vigil.  I would like to get 24 hours of solid prayer going for this girl.  I hear from Enock 1 to 2 times a month, so this information is very recent (as of 9/6, actually).

If you are willing to pray, please respond with the time that you are taking... I'm suggesting half hour blocks, but hit me with more or less as you see able.  There is a really bold healing prayer linked to the title of this post, and I would suggest praying that at some point. (Also, I realize that time zones are drastically different, but I'm going to do this vigil on G-d time, so just sign up in your own time zone.) I'd like to be able to send a copy of this list to Enock's mom, so please respond ASAP.


Sunday, October 23, 2011:

12:00am - Alyse Gibson
12:30am - Christa Malcolm
1:00am - Abby Petrunak
1:30am - Seong Hee Yoon
2:00am - William Hicks
2:30am - Doug Harrelson
3:00am - Jaimi Thomsen
3:30am - Jaimi Thomsen
4:00am - Alexander Raven
4:30am - Barbara Behn, Darryl Royster
5:00am - Mandy Sayers
5:30am - Mandy Sayers
6:00am - Sandy Royster
6:30am - Emily Schanck
7:00am - Mica Lane Massie
7:30am - Kaitlin Ferguson
8:00am - Christa Malcolm
8:30am - Michael Karounos
9:00am - Abby Rowe
9:30am - Matthew Huddleston
10:00am - Stephanie SanHamel
10:30am - Katie Parrish
11:00am - Janine Sircus
11:30am - Sarah Cooke
12:00pm - Donna Reagan, Meret Levitt
12:30pm - Alexandria Alspach
1:00pm - Renee' Chilson
1:30pm - Tyler Cooke
2:00pm - Kayla McMahon Smith
2:30pm - Samantha McDonald
3:00pm - Becky Childress
3:30pm - Noël Marsh
4:00pm - Kelly Tillson
4:30pm - Libby Switzer
5:00pm - Sarah Rudy
5:30pm - Alexandria Alspach
6:00pm - Alexandria Alspach
6:30pm - Alexandria Alspach
7:00pm - Alexandria Alspach
7:30pm - Sonia and David York
8:00pm - Sonia and David York
8:30pm - Anne Nicole Royster
9:00pm - Will Houck
9:30pm - Sandi Phillips, Shadaye Hunnicutt Wiessmer
10:00pm - Kathleen Farrell
10:30pm - Veronica Pech-lopez
11:00pm - Amanda Olmstead
11:30pm - Mark Hardin

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