Thursday, October 25, 2012


The same Saturday that I went to the art museum, I also got to go to Everland, which is Korea's attempt at creating its own Disney World.  It reminded me of Disney in a few ways, but it mostly just made me want to go to Busch Gardens.  I rode a wooden coaster - the first one that didn't leave my whole body in pain, but my leg slid out of joint while on it, so that hurt all day, but it's better now, so the memory is slowly being cast into a different light. :)  So, now I'm calling on you to be the judge.  What theme park does this remind you of?

The whole group at the entrance

My traveling buddies.

The decorations at the entrance reminded us of Disney's HalloweenTown.

More Halloween decorations

Lee Ellen and me, waiting in line with our hair doodads, which aren't so ridiculous in the park.

There was a laser-light show at the end of the night!

Like I said, it was fun, but Busch Gardens, VA is still my favorite.  What about you?  What's your favorite theme park?

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