Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm getting the itch.

I'm getting the itch, and I get it about this time in every season of my life.  I just got comfortable with my second year in Korea.  I've got habits and patterns, and I'm feeling like I can handle pretty much whatever Korea throws at me (Note: That doesn't mean that I'd handle gracefully or well, that just means that I could handle it).  Therefore, my mind steadily wanders on to new adventures.  This always happens.  Two years and feeling confident about a place, and I want more, something new - The adventure of making new friends, maybe learning a new language, new challenges, and, most definitely, I'd like some new weather.

It doesn't really make sense why that would happen in my second year at a place.  The itch dulls over time, but it's always so strong in that second year in a place, when I'm putting the finishing touches on my newly improved comfort zone.  I've heard many sermons about how G-d calls us out of our comfort zones, and maybe that's what this is; maybe that's just really true.  But, I'm tempted to think that my comfort zone is starting to become leaving my comfort zone.  Is that possible?  I know it's a little paradoxical if read literally, so I ask you to read it with my intention in mind.

All this to say, I'm inching toward the moment when I'll have to make a decision about extending my contract in Korea.  It's certainly not here, but I can see pros and cons in each column.  I think, again think, I know the correct answer (that is, what G-d is leading me toward), but I'm not positive, and I could use some prayers on the subject.  At this point, advice is only going to confuse me, so, while I greatly appreciate your hearts and intentions, I ask you to redirect those simply to prayer.

There are so many options out there, and I'm incredibly excited to see where G-d leads me next (or has me stay, as the case may be).  Wherever it is, know that I love you all, I'm thinking of you all, and I'd always love to hear from you, email, comment, or snail mail!

Anne Nicole Royster 
Korea Nazarene University (Attn. Jenny Kim) 
#115 Faith Hall (Miteumgwan) 
456 Ssangyong-Dong Seobukgu Cheonan City Choongnam 
331 718 South Korea 

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