Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I just danced around my office.

Because I booked my flights for vacation in record time.

I'll be going to Vietnam to see my friend and fellow Orioles fan, Danielle.  It'll be great to see her, although it might be weird with no baseball around us.  The last time we did that, I think we were in high school...  Oh well.  It's clearly long overdue.

After Vietnam, I'll be heading to Indonesia, where I'll hang out in the capitol for a while, then head east, where there's, apparently  a volcano that's CONSTANTLY ERUPTING!  Volcano eruptions were my deepest fear as a child (one too many late night viewings of Volcano and Dante's Peak, I guess).  I had horrible nightmares about them, one of which I remember distinctly: I was trying to save my cousin from the volcano which had opened up into my church.  He was at the very top, and the volcano kept spraying lava everywhere... which was mac and cheese yellow with hairy tentacles.  (Aliens were my other big fear, also blamable on TV - you guessed it: Unsolved Mysteries.)  So, I'm putting my TV-crippled days behind me, and I'm actually very excited to go face this fear... maybe a little too excited.  Somebody should probably go with me to keep me from falling into the volcano... although, if you didn't, it would be a good way for me to prove once and for all that lava and aliens were different...

Additionally... Volcano-seeing may or may not be on my bucket list?  I don't remember... I'll have to check and add it if it's not.

But yes, I'm excited, and I'm going, and I'm (hopefully) returning to work afterward, when I will be happy, sunburnt, and maybe less jet-lagged than before.

Leave your Vietnam and Indonesia must-sees here.

Love you!

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