Monday, October 22, 2012

If you're here on Alex and Vera's suggestion...

Let me guide you to my experiences in Bulgaria!

Our tour around Sofia

Walking around Pravets and Botevgrad

My (rather long) reflections on the goings-on at the orphanage

Photos of the school kids

A repost of something from Alex's blog

My suggestions of travel arrangements and other attempts at a non-emotional reflection (as if that's actually possible... haha)

If you are NOT here because of Alex and Vera's suggestion, let me recommend that you go visit their blogs on my suggestion.  They are two amazing missionaries, living in Bulgaria and working with an astonishing number of children, as they try to supplement the amount of love and care they receive each day, while exposing them to the Love of G-d through their actions and daily lives.

You can hear from Alex here.

You can hear from Vera here.

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