Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting there

Today was wonderfully what I needed.  I think the most relaxing part of the whole day was knowing that I'm obligated to do nothing tomorrow.  I have two, commitment-free days in a row.  Sundays don't count, because I feel obligated to go to church, and I often am teaching on Saturdays.  But not this week.  This week I've got Friday and Saturday to actually refresh.

Furthermore, the stresses are sorting themselves out.  I got two lovely emails today: One told me that my revised Maryland taxes had been accepted, and another told me that I'd been approved to go to Bulgaria, since Alex worked out the insurance issue.  Now, all I need it to wait for some information from my school and I'm off to celebrate Chuseok, American-style.

Tonight, I went to a Jambalaya party, thrown by a couple of my friends downtown, followed by a little calm down time with Cameron and Lisa.  Both were wonderful and drastically different in setting/mood, but, again, helping me regain a grip on my mental health.

Here's to another day of relaxing tomorrow.  Hooray!

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