Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Story-Writing Challenge

I challenged my 5th and 6th grade Saturday class to write a story, using some words that I gave them.  I'm sorry, I don't remember all of the words, but they were things like "with Judy", "hungry", and "sunglasses" (I assure you, Mom, I had someone else pick these out.)  The kids rose to the occasion wonderfully, and I have their stories to share with you.  The first class was not thrilled with the idea of being filmed, thus the papers in front of their faces, but, I told them from the beginning it would happen, so this was not a surprise to any of them; I thing they were just hoping we'd forget.

Please be sure to vote and tell me your favorite, so I can tell my kids, as that was the purpose of the filming.  Understand, these are the equivalent of American 4th and 5th graders, for most of whom English is not the second language they're learning, but the third.  These students have had access to English classes through the public schools for two or three years, depending on their grade level.  That being said, I'm thoroughly impressed with what I got, especially considering that there was no co-teacher present to translate instructions for them.

So, again, please be sure to vote!!!  Thanks!

P.S. Just try to guess which team has the native speaker who moved to Korea. ;)


"One day., there were Sam and sammy.  Their's mother told to Sammy 'You have to buy jeans with Sam.'  So they went to the jeans store by a bike.  Soon, they felt hungry.  So, they went to the restaurant, and they ate foods.  A few minutes later, they noticed they were lost the way to buy jeans store.  So, they asked to a woman 'Where is the jeans store?' said Sammy.  The woman said 'Go straight., turn left and turn right.  Then, it's next to the bus stop.'  'Thank you.' Sam said.  Then, they found jeans store and bought jeans!"


"On Sunday, I went go shopping with Judy to buy the sunglasses.  We was in the shopping mall But we didn't where sunglasses shop it is.  So they ask the greeter ' where is the Sunglasses shop?'  greeter said 'go straight and Turn right'  So They go Straight and turn right but it's wrong it is a clothes shop They ask again where is the Sunglasses Shop?  So Shop greeter ask turn Left and GO Straight so They go Turn Left and Go Straight NOw it is Correct!  NOW, They bought a sunglasses and back their home  But they're tired so take a rest in the living room  In TV their hand Some boys group In TV.  They eat in kicthen."


Magic sunglasses
"I will go to the beach with Judy.  So, now I'm making a lunch of the kitchen  I'll taking a delicious kimbab and the magic sunglasses.  These sunglasses are the magic Sunglasses.  It can read Person's mind."
Judy: Hi!  Scarlet!  Let's Play until over night!
Me: Oh~ that sounds great!
"They took a rest on the chair and wearing Sunglasses  Suddenly, a handsome man pass through these two girls.  'Where is the bank?'  The bank is between the Post office and the market.' 'thank you, bye!'"
Me: oh, no!  my sunglass said the man is the robber  Call the Police!
Policeman: thank you.  You Catch the robber.


Day at VIPs.
Lucy was riding a bike with Sam.  They felt hungry because they rode the bike for too long.  They wanted to go to VIPS but they didn't know the way to VIPS so they asked someone on the way, "Excuse me, how can I go to VIPS?" asked Lucy.  The stranger replied, "Go straight and turn left.  You should ride the bus at the bus stop.  Then go straight and turn right.  It's next to the jean stor."  Lucy and Sam went to VIPS.  "What would you like for lunch today Sam?" asked Lucy.  "I want a steak medium-rare," Sam replied.  "Me too.  Excuse me, could you take our order?" Lucy shouted.  "Yes.  What would you like?" said the waiter.  "Two medium-rare steaks." said Sam.