Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Report Card

Overall, I'm giving myself a B-.  For the first part of the month, I did great, but... I get bored with things.  Because I did so many every day goals, it made my days look very similar, and I didn't like it.

The water project went great, and I ended up averaging 3L of water a day.  The exercising, well... let's just say that anyone who knows me can know how that went.  I did join a bi-weekly (once every 2 weeks) Yoga club at school, and I started wearing heels more in an effort to force exercise.  But just exercising for the sake of exercising is boring to me.  I need to do more things where I can add exercise into what I'm already doing, like taking the stairs and getting off a bus stop early and such.   Doing such things has helped some.  Total: B+

The story had been coming along well, until the last couple of weeks (again).  Then, I was more of writing every other day or so.  I'm just kind of at this weird block where I'm really afraid it's incredibly boring.  I need some input from my friends who are reading it, but they're also incredibly busy right now.  Either way, I'm at least three chapters in, which I'm strongly considering breaking up into more. Total: B

The letter writing was great until the last week.  I'm going to blame both writing projects on the fact that I got busy at school.  Summer camp is coming up, and I'm an over-achiever, so... yeah... lots of prep time needed.  I've also started going out with friends more, which is proving incredibly good for me.  It wears me out, to be sure, but I think I need to find some balance to my recluse tendencies.  Total: A-

My spending, well... I had been doing okay, but a lot of unexpected expenses (like vet and doctors bills) came up, as well as a money transfer I did with a credit card that I'd forgotten about, so, all-in-all, I saved less than usual this month.  I was really unhappy about that.  I really am rather disappointed in myself, and I need to find a better system for saving.  I may have to just bite the bullet and send money every month.  I'd just rather wait and send a ton in October, when the exchange rate will be its best.  Any tips for how to save?  Total: C

How did your monthly goals end up?

And, I'm not forgetting that I promised the last photos... just, one thing led to another, and I haven't taken them yet.  Don't worry.  They're coming.

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