Monday, July 9, 2012

Today tried to be a bad day.

You know the turning point of my day today?

When I decided to give the pastor-guy on the corner a bottle of water.  He's out there every day, on one of the busier corners in my "dong" (neighborhood/subdivision/area, for lack of a better translation), preaching away without a mic.  He just stands there, and hands out pens and leaflets while he yells the Gospel for hours, without a break.  I managed to get him to take a break one day by saying, "목사님! 예수님이 사랑해요!" (Pastor!  Jesus loves you!)  He stopped, a little shocked, and said, "Haaaaa-lelujah!"  Now, whenever he sees me, he pauses and bows.  He's an interesting fellow, for sure.

I made that decision as I went to the skin doctor.  There, we had a surprise lazer session (which, thankfully, wasn't as painful as it could have been).  They gave me the dressings for free, though, which was nice of them.  That perked my day up a bit more, too.

So, I stopped and grabbed a 750 won bottle of water (which is somewhere in the tune of 55 cents).  It was ice cold, and felt good just holding the bottle; I couldn't begin to imagine what it would feel like to the man who'd been yelling so loud I could hear him inside the doctor's office.  I had to yell, "목사님!" to get his attention, but, as soon as I had it, I shoved the bottle of water in his hand and started to walk away.  After a beat, I hear behind me, "Haaaaaa-lelujah! 검사합니다!" I smiled and threw a bow at him.

There were a couple of other cool moments last night and today where I felt an urge to take a certain path that I don't normally take or an outing that's out of the norm.  These resulted in being asked to join a picnic by complete strangers (and getting a return invite), and a bunch (6ish) of onions for about 80 cents and jalapeños for free (which means I had the makings for breakfast burritos for dinner - awww yeah!).  They're little things, but they're things that make me feel like people still do realize I'm human, which has been my biggest complaint (aka, what I've felt was wrecking my life) over the past week.

G-d is still good - all the time.

And all the time, G-d is still good.


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