Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuna Queen

About this time (okay, plus 5 days)
a year ago, I was at my favorite theme
park ever: Busch Gardens.  I don't
think I'll get to visit this trip to the
States, but sometime... Sooner rather
than later, hopefully!
I think I have officially mastered tuna salad.  Granted, I'll probably still tell you that my grandmother makes the best (because, honestly, you're not going to beat opening up your backpack after walking into Busch Gardens, and finding that she's slipped a couple in there for you), and she may, but, tonight, I had an absolutely wonderful tuna salad sandwich, and I don't think I will ever make a better one as long as I live.

My secret, aside from always toasting the tuna salad with the bread, of course, was adding some Pace salsa.  So, there you have it: canned tuna, just enough miracle whip to lighten the color, half an onion (diced), one jalapeño (diced), and enough salsa to make everything look pink.  It was not really even hard enough to be that good, but, man, it was fabulous.  Go ahead, try it; see if I'm wrong.

PS. I was going to try out this Google Ad Affiliates thing and suggest some tuna for you to use, but, it seems like they're only advertising selling in bulk.  So, I guess if you really like tuna, or you have a large family or something, you can buy this 24-pack of tuna.  It's dolphin safe, which is pretty awesome.  So, if you have excessive tuna needs, I'd suggest checking this out:

Meanwhile, I'm going to continue on with my blog post.

The week is continuing to be better than it wanted to be, which I appreciate.  I did put in several extra hours at work today, which I'm not going to be paid for, but it needed to happen.  Last week, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to work on stuff for English Camp.  I had to make that time up somewhere, and today seemed like a feasible time to do it.  Perhaps the fact that I finally sat down to dinner at 10pm is what made the tuna so good... I don't know.  Try it and tell me.

This is why I love Busch Gardens.

Okay, I've got to go cage a bunny and convince her that there's a difference between imitation hard wood and dirt.  I'll catch you next time!

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