Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My favorite Beatles song is...

..."I Am the Walrus".

Because, for no good reason, I've decided that it's profound... I just haven't decided how yet.

I was listening to my Across the Universe soundtrack tonight (one of the three soundtracks I own, mind you; Alex McKenzie hasn't scored a major motion picture yet, so that number's still small), and I realized this.  So, I listened to the Beatles original again, as well, and, sure enough it still evokes that same feeling of favoritism in me.

So, I want to know: Is this an especially strange pick?
What's your favorite Beatles song?

No really, reply... like, now.  I want to know.  Really.  Im not just saying that.

Seriously.  Don't click away.  Click the "Add a comment" button right below this.

1 comment:

  1. When I am down and lonely - Elanor Rigby
    Having a ridiculous day - Yellow Submarine
    Feeling rebellious - Hey, Jude (love the ending)
    Nostalgic - Long and Winding Road
    Laid back - Strawberry Fields Forever
    You get the idea. There is a song for every occaision.